Welcome to IGAL GROUP

IGAL GROUP is a Polish textil companies with two fashion labels ZARINA and gr8bros

Our own printing area let us to provide fresh and unique print's on our garments.

In IGAL GROUP we wash denim in-haus to control the quality and provide stylish look of ouer denim clothe's.

Our unique value is mastering a craftsmanship that reflects lasting designs in the hight quality materials, a perfect fit and the best quality tailoring.

Our knowledge, rich experience  is a guarantee of success and high quality of our servicesWe are able to provide the highest quality clothing. We sewing, washed denim and do the print's in-hause to control the quality of ouer product from the begining to the end.

We use only material's made in EU from the higest quality producers.

Sewing process is in-haus.

Ouer garmen's are 100% made in EU.

                           We are experts in what we do, and can guarantee satisfaction with the highest quality of our clothes


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